Types of Educational Videos based on the Production Style

Types of Educational Videos

It is important to list types of educational videos based on the production style because we can easily identify the software, hardware, and environment settings required for the production of a video if we know about its production style.

The way of presentation also changes with the production style. This means presentation parameters for each type of educational video will be different. I believe you already know that presentation quality plays an important role in the overall quality of an educational video.

In this article, I am listing the categories of educational videos based on the way they are produced. I believe this will make my discussion with you easy for production and quality-related discussions.

1. Talking Head

What is the definition of educational talking head video?

Talking head is a close-up video of an instructor recorded while he addresses the camera. These videos are used to make a personal connection with your students. It is an important production style as these videos can be used with other types of videos either in PIP mode or by placing them at the beginning and end of the video.

Example of a talking head video

2. Table Top

What is the definition of educational Table Top video?

A video recorded while a teacher explaining the topic using paper-pen arranged on a table. Table Top videos are easy to record and teachers find it very convenient to record it because they already use paper-pen to explain topics.

Example of a Table Top video

3. ScreenCast

What is the definition of educational Screen Cast video?

A video of computer, mobile or tablet screen recorded while a teacher is explaining the components presented on the screen. These components can be of software, website, app, presentation, etc. ScreenCasts are used to teach programming, working on software, working on an app or to make SlideCast videos.

Example of a ScreenCast video

4. SlideCast

What is the definition of educational Slide Cast video?

Slide cast is a type of ScreenCast recorded while an instructor is explaining content from a presentation. A SlideCast can be recorded on a computer, smartphone or tablet because presentation software/apps are available for all platforms.

Example of a SlideCast video

5. Khan Academy Style

What is Khan Academy style educational video?

Khan Academy style video is a type of screencast video recorded while a teacher using a digital pen to explain the topic by writing on a computer, smartphone or tablet screen. This is similar to the Table Top video the only difference is that a digital screen is used as paper and a digital pen is used instead of a normal pen. Khan academy uses this format to make educational videos this is why this style is now known as khan academy videos.

Example of a Khan Academy Style video


6. Explainer Video

What is an explainer educational video?

An explainer video is a short animation video used to represents content with the help of conversation or scenario. In general, explainer videos are used to tell brand stories with the help of short animation. In educational settings, an explainer video is used to gain students’ attention and present the content in an interesting way.

Example of an Explainer educational video

7. Animation

What is an animated educational video?

Animation is used to make invisible things visible to teach topics for which it is difficult to show the content otherwise. For example, animation can be used to teach human anatomy which is difficult to represent without animation.

Example of an animation educational video


Different topics need different types of videos and you have to select the type of video based on the content you need to present for a better explanation of your topic.

This is not the final list, there may be a variety of videos that are not on this list. If you create a different type of video, please share it in the comment with the video example.

What types of educational videos are appropriate for the topics you teach?

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