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Studio is important when it comes to educational video creation. Studio helps in producing quality videos in less time.

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Does it matter?

Studio is a space that has all hardware placed in a position so you can start producing videos without wasting your time in setting up the devices and environment again and again. Its been found that a dedicated studio improves quality of educational videos and increase productivity.

Home Studio

A room in your house can be used as a studio. It is suitable for individual teachers who want to start with minimal resources.

In this studio, teacher will take care of hardware arrangement, recording and other production work along with teaching.

Dedicated Studio

A dedicated studio is suitable for coaching owners where multiple teachers will use the studio for Educational video production.

In this studio a technical staff will take care of the arrangement and recording work while teachers will focus only on teaching.

High Productivity

Optimum utilization of studio depends on various factors including selection of correct software for video storage, editing, review and publishing.

You also need a trained supporting staff and an up-to-date knowledge base.

Related Courses and Services

Pre-Recorded Videos

Educational Video Creation Course

This course covers different types of educational video production setup, configuration, required software / hardware and method of recording. It can be the first starting point to setup your studio.


You can submit one of your video for review. The video will be reviewed for content quality, presentation quality, production quality and its SEO related properties. This will give you an idea about what needs to be improved.

Starting from ₹250/-
A Web Service

VACHAK - Text to Speech

Vachak is a text to speech software. It allows to generate voice-overs for your educational videos from written text. Its neural voices improves with use. It can generate voice over in more than 48 languages.

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