What type of Educational Video do you want to create?

How do you want to teach online?

There are two ways to teach online. Select the card based on the method you prefer and learn more about it.

I prefer

Synchronous Teaching

A learning event in which a group of students and a teacher are engaging in learning at the same time.

I prefer

Asynchronous Teaching

A learning event where teacher and students are not engage at the same time for example online course.

What do you want to record in educational video?

text in education

Writing on Paper

Record your hand while you are writing on paper, mobile/computer screen, board or digital board to teach a topic. Suitable for teaching numerical subjects.

Myself or Objects

Record your face (Talking Head) while you are explaining things or want to record other objects like arduino etc.

Mobile / Computer Screen

Record computer, mobile or tablet screen to teach about some software, app or website.


Make invisible things visible or make explainer videos. Good, if you want to teach a complex subject or don't want to record your face for teaching.

Multimedia in Education

What type of media do you want to use or focus on to make quality educational content.


Learn to create educational video.


Learn to create audio for educational projects.


learn about creation of Book, blog, documentation etc.


learn to create images, infographics etc.


learn to create presentation and related software.

What hardware do you want to use for content creation?

These devices can be used for educational content creation. Select the device to know what you can create with it.


SmartPhone can be used to create, edit and deliver educational videos and podcast.


Laptop/Desktop or a Personal Computer can help you to make different types of educational videos.


Camera can be used to shoot self or objects in a video. This can be used in various ways in educational setting.

Audio Recorder

Audio Recorders can be used to give quality audio to educational videos and podcasts.

बनिए सफल एजुकेशनल यूट्यूबर​

एक व्यापार जो ना सिर्फ आपको नाम कमाने और आय बढ़ाने का मौका देगा बल्कि शिक्षा के स्तर को सुधारने में भी मदद करेगा।​

आपको यह किताब चाहिए यदि ​

आप क्या सीखेंगे?​

आपको क्या मिलेगा

What is your level?

How skilled are you in Educational Content Development?


I am beginner in educational content creation and want to learn from very basics.


I have created few videos and now I want to improve my skills to next level.


I know video creation, recording, editing, publishing. I want to make it a sustainable business now.

  • Sale!

    Certification Course on Educational Video Creation for Teachers


    This course will give you knowledge about producing different types of educational videos. After completing this course you will be able to select correct production style, make correct setup and produce videos for your subject. This course will give you knowledge about OBS software, Lights, Camera, Green Screen and other hardware requirements. If you want to make educational videos for YouTube, Udemy or any other MOOC platform, this course is for you.

    Select options Certification Course
  • Certification Course on 3D Modeling using Maya (for Teachers)

    Rated 0 out of 5

    3D Modelling is required before you animate 3D Objects. Modelling is the first step to create 3D animation. After completing this course, you will be able to develop 3D models for your subjects and after that you can learn 3D Animation to animate these models. No degree or experience required.

    Add to cart Certification Course
  • Vyond Certificate Course

    Certification Course on Digital Storytelling using Vyond

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Digital Storytelling is an art that can be used in Education. After completing this course, you can develop your own digital stories to teach topics of your subjects in 5 days. No degree or experience required.

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