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SuperTeacher Program is specially designed Mentorship Program for Teachers. It gives access to training programs and content delivery tools to teachers. SuperTeacher program enables a teacher to start and run Online Course Websites or successful Educational YouTube Channels. With access to one live session every week and Certification Courses you will be able to achieve your goals and become a successful Teacher Online.

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19 April 2022

Create Landing Page Using Elementor

Learn to create high converting landing page for your next course/webinar/eBook using Elementor! In this 5 Days live session course, you will learn step by step to create your first landing page and integrate with free email marketing tool to increase your subscriber list!

17 May 2022

Course on Search Engine Optimization for Educational YouTube Channel

Quality content is not enough to be successful on YouTube. Search Engine Optimization helps your videos to reach to correct audience. You will learn to do SEO of your videos and generate effective Thumbnail. Most importantly, I will share how to plan your content to get repetitive viewers for your videos.

14 June 2022

Learn to Create Effective Educational Presentation using PowerPoint

Learn to work with PowerPoints more advanced features such as masters, creating templates and themes, and using media such as video and audio to expand your presentation as well as providing tips to assist efficiency. This course will help you to use PowerPoint optimally.

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