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Optimal length of an Educational YouTube video

Complete a logical chunk of the topic you are teaching in your educational video. You prefer videos that can hold viewers for more time. Short videos...

3 Parameters to Improve Quality of an Educational Video

3 Parameters to Improve Quality of your Educational Videos
Quality of an educational video is very important because nowadays videos are one of the highly used assets for training. Teachers in school, colleges...

Why should you include Talking Head in all types of Educational...

To make a personal connection with your students to make you recognizable in add at least in the beginning and at the end...

Benefits of TableTop Educational Video

Benefits of TableTop Educational Videos
A TableTop educational video is recorded by placing a camera on top of a table while a teacher writes on paper with an audio...

Screen Recording Software for Windows

Screen Recording Software for Windows 10
Video tutorials are the new age learning material. When a student want to learn something he/she search for the video of that topic on...

Start and Grow Educational YouTube Channel in 2020

Starting an Educational YouTube channel is a piece of cake but growing it needs hard work. At the same time, if you are unaware...

Record ScreenCast using OBS on Windows, Linux or Mac

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdFK_gaAHFI ScreenCasts are useful to create software training videos and SlideCasts. Many software are available to record ScreenCast for each platform. ...

Best external WebCams for video lectures or Talking Head

webcam for video lectures
Talking head video lectures are used to connect with students. Irrespective of the type of educational video, you are creating adding a talking head,...

Why shouldn’t you make educational videos in local language?

Educational content in local language
I am making educational videos since 2009. Most of my videos are available on YouTube channel named Learn By Watch. Since then I have...

How to Record Table Top Educational Videos

Teachers found it more convenient to record table top videos than recording screencast using the digital pen. There are many benefits of tabletop videos;...

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Smartboard, also known as interactive board, is being used in institutions. Interactive board allows a teacher to use hands for interaction (click, scroll, zoom,...

How to Record Table Top Educational Videos

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