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Certification Course on Educational Video Creation for Teachers

This course will give you knowledge about producing different types of educational videos. After completing this course you will be able to select correct production style, make correct setup and produce videos for your subject. This course will give you knowledge about OBS software, Lights, Camera, Green Screen and other hardware requirements. If you want to make educational videos for YouTube, Udemy or any other MOOC platform, this course is for you.

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08th January 22 to 17 January 22

7 AM to 8 AM

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You will be able to create this type of Educational Videos

These videos are created by different teacher under the guidance of ETmantra eLearning Solutions.

This course consists 11 Modules

Types of Educational Videos

Learning objectives of module 1

  • Explain different types of educational videos based on production style.
  • Identify appropriate production style for your subject.
  • Differentiate between easy and difficult production style.

Working with Audio

Learning objectives of module 2

  • Record quality Audio.
  • Select appropriate mic as per your requirement.
  • Improve audio quality using Audacity.
  • Record quality audio using OBS.
  • Use Vachak to create machine generated voices.
  • Start a podcast.

TableTop Video

Learning objectives of module 3

  • List the benefits of TableTop Video.
  • Create a setup to record TableTop video.
  • Record TableTop video using Smartphone.
  • Record TableTop video using Laptop/Desktop.
  • Identify the content that can be recorded with TableTop method.


Learning objectives of Module 4

    • List the benefits of ScreenCast.
    • Create a setup to record ScreenCast.
    • Record ScreenCast using Smartphone.
    • Record ScreenCast using Laptop/Desktop.
    • Identify the content that can be recorded with ScreenCast.


Learning objectives of module 5

  • List the benefits of SlideCast.
  • Create a setup to record SlideCast.
  • Record SlideCast using Smartphone.
  • Record SlideCast using Laptop/Desktop.
  • Identify the content that can be recorded with SlideCast.

Khan Academy Style Video

Learning objectives of module 6

  • List the benefits of Khan Academy Style videos.
  • Create a setup to record Khan Academy Style video.
  • Differentiate between Digital Pen Tablet, Digital pen Display.
  • Select between digital pen tablet and digital pen display. 
  • Record Khan Academy Style video using Laptop/Desktop.
  • Identify the content that can be taught with Khan Academy Style video.

Talking Head

Learning objectives of module 7

  • List the benefits of TalkingHead videos.
  • Create a setup to record TalkingHead.
  • Select correct lights as per your budget and requirement.
  • Select correct background for TalkingHead.
  • Record TalkingHead video using  Smartphone camera.
  • Record TalkingHead video using  Laptop/Desktop.
  • Record TalkingHead video using  DSLR Camera.
  • Face camera.
  • Identify the content that can be taught with TalkingHead video.

TalkingHead++ (use TalkingHead with other types of videos)

Learning objectives of module 8

  • Record TalkingHead with ScreenCast using laptop/desktop.
  • Record TalkingHead with SlideCast using laptop/desktop.
  • Record TalkingHead with Khan-Academy Style video using laptop/desktop.
  • Record TalkingHead with TableTop video using laptop/desktop.


Learning objectives of module 9

  • Select correct greenscreen.
  • Light GreenScreen.
  • Remove GreenScreen during Recording.
  • Remove GreenScreen in Post-Production.

Video Editing

Learning objectives of day 10

  • Edit Video on laptop/desktop using OpenShot and Camtasia Studio.
  • Edit Video on Android smartphone using KineMaster.
  • Merge Multiple Clips.
  • Working with audio in video editor.

Intro and Outro

Learning objectives of module 11

  • Generate Intro and outro using various tools on Desktop/Laptop and Smartphone.
  • Some software to generate videos easily.
Frequently Asked Questions

This course will be offered in private zoom / meet live sessions. People who have opted for personal training will join it in 1:1 session and the people who opted for group training will be able to join the training with other participants. Every session will be of 1 hour and recording of the session will be made available to those who joined the session. During the session you can ask your questions directly to the trainer. After the session you can ask your questions in a telegram group.

Personal training costs 7000/- INR and Group training costs 1000/- INR.

Sorry, we don't offer any refund. If you are unable to join the program for any reason we will provide you recordings of the lecture to complete the course.

Those who are joining personal training program can decide the medium of instructions to be English or Hindi.

Group training is running in English at present. We may announce Hindi batch later but it will take time.

Basic computer knowledge is required. No prior educational video creation knowledge is required. You must have a laptop / desktop with windows 10 / iOS / Linux with i3 or equivalent processor with minimum 6GB RAM to make videos on your own.

Teachers want to create educational videos but they are unaware of the technology that can be used to create educational videos. This course is designed specially for the teachers who want to make quality videos. After this course, you will be able to make videos for Udemy, YouTube or any MOOC platform.

Apply for Course and Certification

Certificate of Achievement

Join the training program (Personal or Group) to get this certificate.

Dr. Yogendra Pal

Dr. Yogendra Pal

Dr. Yogendra Pal is faculty of Educational Technology department at NIIT University, Neemrana. He is a member of EdTech society of India and LCM group. He started exploring educational video creation back in 2009 and successfully published many videos on YouTube Channel Learn By Watch. He has worked with various paid and free software to improve the quality of those videos. Since last 4 years he is providing this training in universities.

Course Features
Shareable Certificate

Earn a e-Certificate upon completing the course.

100% Live Sessions

You can ask your questions during live session. No delay in answers.

Fixed Schedule

Date and Time is fix for all live sessions before you join the course. So, no dilemma on timing.

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required

07 days to complete

Suggested pace of 1 hours/day, 1 hour during class and 2 hour after class.


Language of instructions and quizzes is English.

Reviews Submitted by Course Participants

11 reviews for Certification Course on Educational Video Creation for Teachers

  1. Dr Gargi Roy Goswami (verified owner)

    It is a fantastic course!

  2. Shatrughan Dubey (verified owner)

    I am delighted to join this course. All my basics on OBS software is clear. In just a weeks time I am able to make my own screen cast, slide cast and talking head videos. Dr Yogendra sir is such an excellent teacher that learning from him is a pleasure. He is very polite, clear on concepts, and explains the subject in very simple and easy way . Best part of this course is that all days recordings are avilable so you can revise the classes when ever you want. My best wishes to ET Mantra and I wish them great sucesses in future.
    Shatrughan dubey
    DogsEra pet care pvt ltd

  3. Prajakta Desai (verified owner)

    Dr. Yogendra Pal Sir is an excellent teacher cum trainer. Through this educational video creation course we have learnt different types of video making techniques in a very simple way. Sir has taught everything in easy way and have touched the basics too. Sir also helps to arrange the setup according to our needs. I am very much thankful to Sir and the whole team if ET mantra. I wish you best wishes for all your endeavours. Sir we are looking forward for more such courses from ETMantra.

  4. Dr Binu Raju George (verified owner)

    My name is Dr Binu Raju George and I am working as Associate Professor in ENT at Govt Medical College, Thrissur,Kerala .I have made a few ppt videos with narration and that sums up my entire experience with educational video creation.Even after the pandemic disappears from the scene , the challenge of blended learning will remain.That’s why I I thought that unless you learn a few tricks of the trade, I would definitely be obsolete.And no better way to learn the basics and a few tips from the master himself.Being an absolute beginner and not being techno savvy at all, I was a bit apprehensive about joining this course.But , it turned out to be quite a great experience, with Dr Yogendra Pal.Not only is he a great communicator, he also took pains to answer and clarify each topic,however trivial it sounded to him.Each day’s session was something I looked forward to and his promise of being with us to clarify any doubt for one month more shows how sincere he is to his profession.I will surely recommend this course to anyone who is interested.

  5. Ashok Raghavan (verified owner)

    Dr Yogendra Pal is an excellent teacher. His delivery style is simple and easy to understand.
    The subject is split into topics which enable the students to gradually scale up their skills. At the start of the programme it looked rather unrealistic that we will be able to reach a level of proficiency to make good quality videos. But I can proudly vouch that with the able training provided by Dr Yogendra we will produce good videos on our subject matter in a matter of days.

  6. Shilpa Patil Bhonde (verified owner)

    Course was very interesting and highly informative.
    Thank you for sharing knowledge.

  7. Ningampalli Ramanjaneyulu (verified owner)

    All sessions were highly informative, well planned and delivered very clearly and effectively, I learned a lot of things in one week. I strongly recommend this course to all digital teachers
    Thank you, Yogendra pal sir.

  8. Ramanjaneyulu Ningmapalli (verified owner)

    All sessions were highly informative, well planned and delivered very clearly and effectively, I learned a lot of things in one week. I strongly recommend this course to all digital teachers
    Thank you
    Yogendra pal sir.
    Er.N. Ramanjaneyulu
    Center for Civil Engineers
    Youtube Channel


  9. Vivek J (verified owner)

    It has been a wonderful journey attending the Educational Video Creation Course with Dr. Yogendra Sir. His way of teaching, making complex concepts understand easily, his patience, the course structure, his in-depth understanding of the subject matter deserves to be appreciated and applauded.
    Attending this course is one of the best things that has happened to me. I’m confident that I can produce quality videos with the insight Dr. Yogendra sir has provided.
    Thank you Yogendra sir.

  10. Amol R. Chavan

    Hello Everyone,
    Its a gr8 experience to learn from Yogendra Sir. He is a perfect trainer for making educational content in video format.

    I am very thankful to him for his support . He explain the required software, set up, editing things , recording etc in a simple way and it is always a fruitful session .

    Thanks a lot Dr. Yogendra Sir for his knowledge sharing sessions and Improve us in every aspect of video maker.
    My best wishes are with ET mantra and once again thank u ET mantra team also for this valuable course.
    Wish U all the best for Future Sirji.

    Amol Chavan
    Asian institute of Pharmacy,
    Nashik, Maharashtra

  11. Kakoma W Saisonga

    It is a very good course taught by the very best tutor. Everything was well explained in a very clear and understandable way. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to be great at creating educational videos to take this course. Thankyou Sir

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