Educational Content Development for Beginners – Educational Video

Educational content development for beginners is a step by step guide that will help you quickly start with educational content creation.

If you have never developed an educational video or have developed very few educational contents and stopped because you find it difficult follow this guide step by step and you will gain confidence in this field.

Different types of media can be used in educational content creation but focus of this article is audio and video only.

After completing this article, you will be able to -

Let's Start

Start with Audio


Create and run your own PodCast

Watch this video now

Record first Educational Video

There are various types of educational videos. Although, if you read about all of them you will be very confused and may give up educational video creation soon.

I and you, both of us don’t want this.

This is why I always suggest to start with any one of these three types of educational video.

Learn first Production Style


Produce TableTop video with your smartphone

Watch this video now


Produce ScreenCast with your desktop/laptop

Watch this video now


Produce SlideCast with your SmartPhone

Watch this video now

Edit Video


Learn to edit educational video

Minimum editing required in educational video

Reduce File Size


Reduce video file size before sharing with your students.

Reduce File size in SmartPhone

Reduce File size in PC

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