About ET-Mantra

ET-Mantra helps you in integrating technology in Education.

What is ET-Mantra

ET-mantra is an elearning startup founded by Yogendra Pal to spread the awareness of Educational Technology (ET) in society. Our goal is to help institutes, teachers, parents and students in selection of right technology for better learning experience.

What does ET-Mantra Do?

At ET-Mantra we spread awareness about Educational Technology with the help of our blog and YouTube channel. We provide teacher’s training to use ICT tools effectively. We help an individual teacher to setup his own educational YouTube channel.

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earning from YouTube

Things that Inversely Affects a teacher’s earning from YouTube

Some teachers want to make a living from YouTube. YouTube is an excellent place to earn name and money at the same time. Many teachers create videos to generate passive income from YouTube with a job, but some teachers want to pursue this as a career option and want to do this full time. These […]

Open Sankore cover whole computer screen

Open-Sankore – A Free Software for Smart Board or Interactive Board

Smartboard, also known as interactive board, is being used in institutions. Interactive board allows a teacher to use hands for interaction (click, scroll, zoom, etc.) which remove the dependency on input tools like a mouse or digital pen tablet. This feature of smart board allows a teacher to use an interactive board as a traditional […]

ET-Mantra eLearning Solutions

What is ET-Mantra ET is an abbreviation of Educational Technology and Mantra is a word from the Sanskrit language that means “instrument of thought.” In ET-Mantra, I am going to give you mantras that will help you to use educational technology to create effective educational content and contribute to building a better society.