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Technology is changing very fast, young students are the first adopters of the new technology. A teacher has to update to himself / herself for the students to teach them well.

See what we can do for individual teachers and colleges.

Best Professionals

We are IIT Bombay Alumnies, with countless hours of experience in content development and teachers training.

Complete Solution

We provide you end to end solution from teacher training, studio setup, editing, production and delivery.

Latest Technology

We equip you with latest technology and tools. This way you make the content that last longer than other content.

Standard Process

We follow standard process for educational content production to make sure that the content is acceptable by most organizations.

Amazing support and timely services will help you to create your course content effective and look great.

We have experience to train teachers in an effective manner and make them ready to record quality educational content. Once you create the content it goes into review process. We than provide editing and production services and make sure your content is ready when students need it.

Services for 21st Century Teachers

for highest teachers demands, tailored for each case

Pedagogy Training

Students will not apply their brain until you follow right pedagogy for your content. We train you to use right pedagogy.

Video Creation Training

You need to know about the right tools and techniques to create educational videos that students prefer to watch.

Video Editing Service

Educational video editing is different from normal video editing. We trained our staff for this to ensure content quality.


We create color scheme for your courses to match with your brand. We than generate intro, outro, thumbnails for each of your video.

Video Review

Our team review the video you create and give you pointers to improve it pedagogically and to make it student centric.

LMS Management

We provide managed LMS / LCMS service to institutes. We have experience with MOODLE / EDx and many other LMSs.

LMS Training

We provide teacher and student training to use LMS in effective manner. This help students and teachers to save time.

MOOC Service

Want to run your MOOC? We help institutes to setup and run their own MOOC. You are one call away from end-to-end service.

Meet the Team

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Dr. Yogendra Pal

Video Creation Expert

More than 7 years of experience in educational video creation.

Dr. Sameer Sahastrabudhe

Graphics Design Expert

He can change the look n feel of your content in a matter of second.

Dr. Jayakrishnan M

Teacher Training Expert

Experienced in teaching thousands of instructors.

Dr. Mrinal Patwardhan

Learning Consultant

She knows how to make learners learn with the help of modern learning practices, research findings and inputs from Learning Sciences.

Want to run MOOC courses for your institutes?

Running your own MOOC courses can increase your institutes brand value. An institutes have teachers, infrastructure but not the experience in creating video tutorials, editing them and putting them online. ETmantra helps an institute by providing end to end solution to go online.

Teacher's Testimonials

I am known for my Interview videos online. Daily receiving thank you emails from students because they got job after watching my videos, all because of ETmantra.

Shalu Pal

Individual Teacher

ETmantra provides me everything that helps me to build my identity online. Now, I am making educational video everyday.

Raj Kumar Thenua

Individual Teacher

I teach Excel in Hindi. I did not knew anything about video making and teaching online. Now, I am known as Excel guru among the students 🙂

Saurabh Sharma

Individual Teacher

I started working with ETmantra when I was studying in Class X. I started making electronic project videos and gifted a fridge to my mother.

Alok Verma

Individual Teacher

I started working with ETmantra when I was studying in class XII. I created several Electronics Project videos and awarded by Dr. Arvind Gupta (Science Toys) at IIT Kanpur.

Atul Pal

Individual Teacher

I am a student, pursuing diploma in Electronics. I started working with ETmantra in 2017 and recored 10 videos of Arduino Project.

Vivek Verma

Individual Teacher

If you are a institute or individual teacher and want to give us your feedback or if you just want to say "Hi", please follow us and get in touch via the following platforms:

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