Things that Inversely Affects a teacher’s earning from YouTube

Some teachers want to make a living from YouTube. YouTube is an excellent place to earn name and money at the same time. Many teachers create videos to generate passive income from YouTube with a job, but some teachers want to pursue this as a career option and want to do this full time. These teachers can’t afford to lose money because of some reasons. Various factors affect the earning of a teacher on YouTube. I am listing these factors in this post so that you can take care of them.

1. Choice of Topic

Suppose Mr. A and Mrs. B are good teachers and both are making educational videos for YouTube. Mr. A is making videos on “Microbiology, ” and Mrs. B is making videos on “English-speaking.”

What do you think, who will get more views? Obviously, Mrs. B will get more views than Mr. A because the audience for “microbiology” is very low compared to the audience of “English-speaking.” Below is the graph that shows the comparison of both of these terms on Google trends.

Google Trends of two topics

As you can see on 19 Sep 2015, English-speaking video had 74% more chances than microbiology video. It means you need to select a topic that has a good number of viewers if you want to make more money from YouTube.

2. Target Audience

Suppose Mr. A makes videos in Hindi while Mrs. B makes videos in English. Both makes the videos on the same topic. Both received 1 Lac video views on their videos. Mr. A got views from India while Mrs. B got video views from USA and Australia.

Cost per click (CPC) and CPM (Cost per mille) are the two parameters that play an important role in generating revenue from videos.

Cost per Click

India has an average CPC 77 percent less than the US average (Source). It means with the same number of ad clicks, Mrs. B will make 100 Rs. but Mr. A will make only 23 Rs.

Cost per mille

Also known as cost per thousand impressions. When your video successfully displayed 1000 ads, you will earn the amount equivalent to CPM.

CPM in India is $1.99. This means for 1,00,000 ad impressions from India you will earn $1.99 * 100 = $199 = 12935 Rs. CPM in USA is $8.10. This means for 1,00,000 ad impressions from USA you will earn $8.10 * 100 = $810 = 52650 Rs.

So, if your target audience lives in India, get ready to earn low amount. These statistics also suggest that if you want to make a living from YouTube, create educational videos for a country where CPC and CPM are high.

3. Ad blocker

Adblocker is a software that blocks the display of ads if a students install it on the system. According to the 2017 adblock report by pagefair11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web. Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016, and this number will increase in 2017. One more fact about the use of adblocker is that adblocker users are more educated.

Students who are using adblocker will be able to watch your videos without advertisements. Hence, you will not earn any money from their views.

4. Piracy

Piracy is an another issue that inversely affects the earnings from YouTube. Many users download the videos and watch them offline. As they watch the videos offline, you don’t make any money from those views. Some people do even worse, they do not only download the videos but also share those videos with their friends.

5. Someone else uploads your video

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy, Creating content is not. Many people create a YouTube channel and upload others videos on it. As you can see in the image given below, a person (thief) Rizwan Ali uploaded my video on his channel.

Someone pirated my video
Someone pirated my video

As a teacher, you will focus on creating your content rather than looking for thieves. When that video come to your notice, it might have already gained many views. See the image; this video gained 90,019 views. These video views could have been my videos views and would have generated money for me. Although, you can file a copyright complaint about these videos. The procedure of filing a copyright complaint is given in the video below.

YouTube will remove those videos, but you will not get the money that you have already lost because of that video.


A teacher like me can’t leave to make videos for my fellow Indians even though I know that the earning would be very low. If you want to make living from YouTube then you must consider these factors and plan accordingly. Let me know in the comment, if you know about some other factors that has negative impact on the earning from YouTube.

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