How to Record Table Top Educational Videos

Teachers found it more convenient to record table top videos than recording screencast using the digital pen. There are many benefits of tabletop videos; I listed them here. There can be many ways to record tabletop educational videos, but over the time we have developed our method. I am going to share it here with you so you can follow it.

TableTop videos are recorded by placing a camera on top of the table where a teacher is giving instructions to students. That is why this type of videos are called Table Top videos. Below is the example of a tabletop video and you can create the same kind of videos after completing this article.

What do you need to create a Table Top video like this?

  1. Camera
  2. Audio Recorder
  3. Paper and Pen
  4. Tripod

Let’s discuss each component one by one.


At present we are using Sony DSC W380 CyberShot camera. Although you can use any camera that can record in Full HD and support 16:9 ratio.

Audio Recorder

Audio is an essential part of an educational video, and we try to maintain it’s quality. So, we use Zoom H1 audio recorder.

Paper and pen

Paper was the most significant problem for us as we want to record videos in 16:9 ratio but no paper is available in 16:9 ratio. So, we went to the paper mart and bought A0 size paper sheets and cut that into 16:9 ratio. See the difference between A4 size paper and the paper we use for recording.

paper dimension for educational videos
Difference between A4 size paper and 16:9 ratio paper


Next comes a tripod that allows us to easily record the paper while teacher writes on it. Existing tripods were not allowing us to record at 90 degrees. We created our design of tripod for the purpose. Photo of the tripod is given below:

Top view of our tripod
Tripod that we use to record table top videos

You can ask any carpenter to make this tripod for you.

That’s all you need to record table top educational videos. Let me know if you have some question. I will be happy to answer your queries.

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