Educational Video Review of Sumit Kumar ( Online Learning Zone)

  • Video link:
  • Topic: Number system/ Concept of Unit Digit
  • Video type: Talking head and use of whiteboard for explanation
  • Time length of video: 1:02:05

Overall comments

  • Comprehensive explanations that provide in-depth knowledge of the concept
  • Good video quality

Detailed review and suggestions

  • Ideally, each educational video should begin by mentioning the topic, the learning objectives and the intended audience. It is recommended to write these key points on the whiteboard before recording the video.
  • Though the voice is clear throughout the video, it would be good to avoid unwanted background noise. So, to improve the audio quality of your video it is advisable to record in a quiet place. Also, audio editing softwares like Audacity will be useful in this regard. You may refer to the following video resources by Dr. Yogendra Pal to improve the quality of audio:
  • The methods and tips mentioned in the video to quickly find Unit Digit are well-explained. However, it is recommended to chunk the video for better engagement with your audience. For instance, this video could have been recorded in three parts: calculating Unit Digit when cyclicity is 4, identifying Unit Digit when cyclicity is 2 and finding Unit Digit when cyclicity is 1. This way of chunking the content into bite-sized pieces will make it easier for the viewers to understand and remember the concept.
  • It is highly recommended to draft a plan for your video before actually starting to record. This will be helpful in saving time for recording and editing a video.
    • Prepare an outline or a script for your video. Writing a script helps to organize your thoughts.
    • Rehearse before recording.
    • Keep your whiteboard writing pens and duster ready.
    • Decide the examples for each concept that will be discussed in the video.
  • Too many similar examples on a particular concept can overwhelm the viewers, it is recommended to reduce the number of examples of the same type. This will also help in reducing the length of the video. 
  • Instead of verbally explaining the calculations, especially for multiplication of numbers or obtaining the remainder by dividing numbers, it would be better to explain by writing detailed steps on the whiteboard. This will add more clarity to the explanation.
  • Good handwriting on the whiteboard is essential for better understanding of the concept being discussed. Avoid using short forms while writing. Also, clean the entire board before writing.
  • For the benefit of the viewers, summarize the key points discussed in the video in the end.

I have given all suggestions that will help you in improving educational video quality. Try to improve them one by one. Improve what you can and keep producing the videos. The most important thing is to keep making videos, no matter what.

  • Constructive Feedback
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