Educational Video Review of Shriyam Upadhyay (cbseclass 10 video)

  • Topic: Rise of nationalism in Europe || History chapter 1 || the Revolution of Liberals || Best explanation
  • Video Type: ScreenCast
  • Duration of the video: 4:12

Before reading this review of the embedded video, it is important to note that the video has several positive points and the review is given with the point of view of enhancing the video.

Overall comments:

  • Good audio quality and volume 
  • Comfortable pace of talking 
  • Concise chunking of content 
  • Adequate use of images



  • The image on the title slide contains a label that is the same as the title of the slide. This image label could be edited out. 
  • Mention the source of the images either on the slide or on a reference slide at the end. 
  • When there are two separate photos of people on a slide and they both are equally important, ensure that both photos are of similar size. 

Title Slide

  • Add the title of the video only once in the beginning. The title of the video first appears at 00:03. But there is a slide transition and after a few seconds at 00:11 the title of the video appears again. 
  • For the first slide, keep CHAPTER 1 on one line and RISE OF NATIONALISM IN EUROPE on another line. You may reduce the font size so that the title fits in the allotted space. 
  • Mention the standard/class for which this content was created
  • It would be good to visually distinguish the year from the number of the subpoint. Hence on slide 1, suggestion for the first subpoint: 

 3.3. The Revolution of Liberals -1848

Subsequent Slides

  • The subtitles in the first slide, needs to match the titles in the subsequent slides. Add the year to the title of the slide that appears at 00:28.
  • Position key details prominently and use space appropriately. At 01:03, Add ‘831 members’ and not only the number 831. ‘St.’ needs to appear on the same line as Paul’s Church. 
  •  Maintain uniform capitalisation in the slides. Names and capitals of countries need not be in all caps. Capitalise names like Sardinia Piedmont at 03:03. 
  • Maintain a similar font style for the titles.  Slide 2 is  ‘3.3. The Revolution of Liberals’ followed by ‘UNIFICATION OF GERMANY’. 
  • Avoid All caps for all bullet points like on Slide 3. Only when required, use caps in bullet points to highlight key words.
  • Font size for the points in the slides should not be less than 18pts. This ensures that the points are readable. 
  • Points on the slide should appear as the speaker mentions them to ensure that the viewers are paying attention to exactly what the speaker is saying.


  • The volume of the background music could be reduced as it may get distracting for certain viewers.

I have given all suggestions that will help you in improving educational video quality. Try to improve them one by one. Improve what you can and keep producing the videos. The most important thing is to keep making videos, no matter what.

  • Constructive Feedback
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