Educational Video Review of Saroj Kumar Pradhan (QuantS Pro)

  • Topic: Profit and loss trick ||important questions in odia by unique education brand
  • Video Type: Mobile phone using Kinemaster Powerdirector
  • Duration of the video: 13:24

Before reading this review of the embedded video, it is important to note that the video has several positive points and the review is given with the point of view of enhancing the video. 

Overall comments:

  • Effective use of space to highlight points
  • Comfortable pace of talking


  • Maintain one signature font style for the name of the channel. Viewers can see one style at 00:01 and another at 00:08.
  • While introducing the topics of the video at 00: 11  capitalise ‘L’ and ‘C’. In addition, ‘Profit and Loss’ could be made bold to distinguish it from the ‘Class 6’. 
  • While displaying the questions, maintain uniform spacing between the words.  
  • All the questions could be in the same shade of red and numbered. 


  • Audio volume could be enhanced for the first few minutes. At 5:38, it gets louder. It is best to have uniform audio volume.  You may consult this video to  improve the audio quality. 
  • Edit out the section of the video from 13:16 to13:21. 

I have given all suggestions that will help you in improving educational video quality. Try to improve them one by one. Improve what you can and keep producing the videos. The most important thing is to keep making videos, no matter what.

  • Constructive Feedback
    Educational Video Review Service
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