Educational Video Review of Sachin Pardeshi (SachSaj)

  • Topic: बिना Piano के Piano बजाना सीखें- Drawing of Keyboard – ONLINE MUSIC/PIANO/ HARMONIUM CLASS
  • Video Type:  TableTop 
  • Duration of the video: 10:53

Before reading this review of the embedded video, it is important to note that the video has several positive points and the review is given with the point of view of enhancing the video.

Overall comments:

  • Interesting topic 
  • Nice explanation style
  • Good audio quality and volume 
  • Comfortable pace of talking 


  • It would be great if the video begins with the title बिना Piano के Piano बजाना सीखें followed by the name of the creator. Put this on a slide or on a paper. 
  • While instructions are given, it would also help to mention pointwise the steps. 

Eg. Step 1- Fold paper 

Step 2- Divide it into equal portions 

Step 3- Draw a line 



  • Use an editing software to flip the video in horizontal format. Currently there is a lot of unutilized space in the video. And by flipping the video, screen space can be optimised.

I have given all suggestions that will help you in improving educational video quality. Try to improve them one by one. Improve what you can and keep producing the videos. The most important thing is to keep making videos, no matter what.

  • Constructive Feedback
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