Educational Video Review of Ruchi Khandelwal

This post presents the review of attached video.

I have given all suggestions that will help you in improving educational video quality. Try to improve them one by one. Improve what you can and keep producing the videos. The most important thing is to keep making videos, no matter what.

Overall Comments

  • Good explanation style; clarity in explanation
  • Good audio quality and volume 
  • Comfortable pace of talking 
  • Video recording is clear, without any technical glitches

Let the video start with details of standard, subject, topic name, and objective of the video. Put that as a slide/ or write that on a paper. Show that initially.

Time instance in videoComments/ ObservationSuggestion
1:17Problem and working is shown together.First show only problem written separately.
1.26The share, like icons are popping up that is a big distraction while understanding the problem statement. Let all video follow a similar pattern when you want to ask students to subscribe, share and like. You have already said this in the beginning, You may repeat that at the end, but certainly not in between your explanation.
1:34Explaining the problem with diagram Ideally you should draw the diagram while reading and explaining the problem. That will also help students in learning how to draw a diagram after reading the problem.  
2:04, 3:06 and multiple times throughout the videoWebpage URL, icons (share, like, subscribe) etc. on the screenThis is again a distraction. Avoid such distraction on the screen when you are explaining core concepts. 

For problem solving videos, you may use the following approach. 

These types of problems can be explained in three parts. Make separate sections/ pages/ slides for this. That will help students in clearly understanding the method to solve these types of problems. 

Part one🡪 Sheet 1/ Slide 1🡪 The problem statement

Part two🡪 Sheet 2/ Slide 2🡪 Given data from the problem statement and the corresponding diagram that clearly shows what is given and what has to be calculated. 

Part three🡪 Sheet 3/ Slide 3🡪 Working/ mathematical calculations to find out the answer.

Part four🡪 again referring to the diagram sheet and showing where the calculated answer fits in the diagram. 

Submit your video for review to improve its quality

  • Constructive Feedback
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