Pedagogy for effective student-centered teaching with technology

Is it true for you?

  • You teach in a class but students are sleeping.
  • You teach online using videos but on an average, a student watches less than 30% of your video.

This is because you are the one who is active in the classroom. If you change your method to make students active in the class. Students will participate actively, they will not look tired and ask better questions. Pedagogy of learner-centered teaching practices will help you to make your teaching active in or out of the classroom.

It includes:

  • what, why and how of learning objectives
  • why active learning is needed
  • what constitutes active learning
  • how to do effective learner-centered integration of technology in teaching (includes introduction to example active learning techniques)
  • hands-on sessions where teachers are guided to apply the techniques to design active learning activities with technology and implement them effectively in flipped classroom mode as well as in in-class teaching mode.
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