Video Hosting Platforms for Educational Videos

Video hosting platform allow you to host and broadcast Videos. A good video hosting platform is required to provide good experience to students in your course. Technology was already at its zenith when the world was shut under the waves of the novel Corona virus. We are advancing day by day in terms of economy, technology, science and statistics alongside which comes the growth in the education sector. Education is the fastest growing sector in the world leading to this impressive massive development that we see around us. And in any way, education cannot be put to a halt unlike the big and small businesses which came to a break under the month’s long lockdown.

People spent hours and hours scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc along with which came the blast of online training. We saw people engaging in various courses related to cooking, writing, painting, designing, web development, software training and what not. Even the school going children were busy with their online classes alongside extracurricular courses which they chose for themselves.

The pre-recorded videos could not lend much interest to the people as it switched from the reality of classroom teaching. It required the call for online video hosting platforms which can give the learner as well as the teacher the warmth and acceptance of a real classroom session.

The learning market is already growing and the need for online educational coaching is at its peak. In a world of high competition and varying trends, choosing an Educational Platform is one of the most significant choices a person would make.

In this article, we will see the various user friendly platforms available for video hosting discussing its various features and aspects which could help you choose one for yourself.


Price: Free to use

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The viewers spend approximately 40 minutes on an average in one go. You don’t need any special credentials or subscriptions to host your video on YouTube. It requires just your Google account. It also helps you earn through ad revenues.

The maximum video length can be up to 12 hours with a maximum file size of 128 GB. The total file storage is however unlimited. It hosts your video in a 16:9 ratio and automatically adds a black frame for 4:3 ratio videos.


  • Large number of users provide great recognition
  • Increasing audience in lesser time by networking with other channels
  • High specificity of the search box and recommendations list
  • Easy access to YouTube videos on other social media sites
  • Unlimited storage on cloud
  • Private and unlisted options to hide the videos from public


  • Certain viewers annoyed by video ads
  • High competition due to mass hosting
  • Ugly comments by unrelated audience
  • Suggested videos leading to the competitor’s videos
  • Often potential copyright issues


Price: Starts from $99 per month

Bright cove is a video managing solution which maximizes the engagement of the audience to your videos. It gives you a wide variety of options such as video library, SEO optimized video portals, publishing, sharing to social media platforms, tracking results and reports etc besides live video hosting and publishing.

 Bright cove allows you to create video portals with built-in lead capture tools and analytics, SEO optimized pages and user-friendly layouts with social sharing. It has no maximum resolution or file size. The total storage is based on your plan.


  • Manage and sell your own video with or without ads
  • Live stream directly to your website or app
  • Enterprise friendly management
  • Advanced marketing


  • Comparatively high pricing
  • Complexity in certain features.


Price: $25 to $500 per month

SproutVideo is another video hosting platform which offers optional social sharing and collaboration tools in addition to lead capture forms, audience building and advance video analytics. It is easy to use to embed your videos without any requirement of coding languages. It also supports mobile playback and HD play besides CDN delivery. The maximum size can be up to 100 MB with no limits on the length of the video


  • Capture leads from within the video
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Unlimited and unique video players to design
  • Custom Playlists


  • No platform audience
  • Complexity
  • Slow playback caching


Price: Starting from $100 per month

It is an open source tool for video hosting and training library programmers. Many educational institutes use Kaltura for delivering live online lectures for various courses with a cloud based video education platform. It has closed security features and close captioning tools. Video looping and bulk video uploading is also available. The maximum file size is 2 MB while the maximum video length is unknown.


  • Integrates well with third party providers
  • Interactive user experience
  • Helps create desktop recordings and PPTs with voice over
  • Automatic captioning


  • Difficult admin interface
  • Delayed video ingestion
  • Delayed support services
  • Complex editing


Price: Starting from $9 to $350 per month

It specializes in video hosting with multimedia management storage. It is equipped with tools which help in creating effective video lectures and creating online learning platforms. Cincopa offers screen recording and auto archive for later use. It has a comprehensive content management system with enhanced accessibility. It is reliable for content delivery with flexible pricing plans. The maximum file size can be up to 20 MB according to plan while the maximum video length is not known.


  • Easy set up format
  • Multiple options for integration
  • A variety of templates to choose from
  • Quick and responsive customer support


  • Initially difficult to navigate
  • Complicated re-ordering in the gallery
  • Low speed of loading and deleting


Price: Starting from $15 to $990 per month

It is platform for online hosting and training which also allows marketing and sales. It has wide range of plans for broadcasters.

Hippo video provides customized tools for video editing. It has enhancing features for video hosting and management. Screen recording for capturing lectures and presentations is also supported. The maximum file size is 3 MB while the maximum video length is up to 2 hours for premium plans.


  • Great team support and communication
  • Helps collect testimonials
  • Clear screen recording of lectures
  • Video personalization


  • Bugs and glitches
  • High loading time for videos
  • Less customizability
  • Crashes the browser sometimes


Price:  $15 per month

It is leading video hosting software. Panopto focuses mainly on online education with tools similar to YouTube. It helps you create a library for your students by auto archiving. Security features allow you to make live and event content private. It also includes options for lecture capture and video search. The API access customizes the user’s experience and asset categorization improves viewer accessibility.


  • Cost efficient pricing
  • Multiple playbacks with multiple sources
  • Software based for easy access to all
  • Well- featured, flexible and basic editing tools


  • No real time feedback during lecture
  • Poor automatic captioning
  • Poor backend management
  • No annotation tools for screen capture


Price: Starter from $1 per month and growing from $500 per month

It is an extension of Vimeo which provides premium and advanced features. Livestream includes powerful content management features for live and on-demand hosting. Advanced privacy controls and password protection are supported under security features. It has enough tools for marketing and stimulating engagement. The maximum file size is 3 GB while the maximum video length is unknown.


  • High quality streaming without ads
  • Customizable videos
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Full featured video analytics


  • Cost expensive
  • Often riddled with bugs
  • Poor customer service
  • Buffering videos


Price: Starting from $399 to $8900 per month

It is an online hosting platform which provides five streaming packages with varying features to help the educators stream their video. Muvi provides access to API which supports on demand video and audio streaming. Multiple video analytics and monetization options are available which video privacy and security, designed to stream on mobiles, computers and TVs.


  • Supports cloud content delivery
  • A single video CMS
  • Compatible video formats
  • Wide range of functions


  • Complex to use for Non-IT background people
  • Expensive plans for access to all features


Price: Starting from $99 to $999 per month

IBM has professional broadcasting tools which support video training and hosting. Video monetization is done through ad integration. Advanced AI based streaming features such as live polling, real time monitoring, automated captioning, video analytics are offered. It has a reliable customer support with an internal content delivery network. The maximum file size is 4GB while the maximum length is not known.


  • Offers video scheduling
  • Quick technical support services
  • Varied streaming capabilities
  • Good video management system
  • Easy for non-technical users


  • Less straight forward options
  • Confusing accurate viewers number
  • Web interface overlaps the chat window
  • Difficult renewal
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