EdTech Talk with Teachers (Live)

What is EdTech Talk with Teachers?

EdTech Talk with Teachers is a Talk Show where teachers can interact with various EdTech experts. At present, Dr. Yogendra Pal is available to talk with teachers. In near future we will bring more EdTech experts to talk to you.

Why EdTech Talk with Teachers?

We try to provide all necessary training on implementing EdTech solutions using our videos. Although, its not possible to solve your doubts, problems using only videos. During this live TalkShow teachers will interact with an EdTech expert and ask their questions. EdTech experts will answer questions and solve your doubts. Since, its going to be broadcasted live, a lot of teachers will benefit from it. Slowly, we will be able to solve all major concerns that will help teachers in implementing EdTech solution.

Format of Talk?

EdTech Talk will be conducted using StreamYard. A maximum of 9 teachers will be selected as a guest for the talk each day. Dr. Yogendra Pal and invited teachers will interact during the talk show and that will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel

Who can apply for the talk?

Any person who is a teacher or want to become a teacher but struggling to setup online institute, making digital content etc.

Important notes:

  • Once selected, you will be invited as a guest so make sure to read this guide before applying for the talk. 
  • Apply for the talk only if you have all necessary hardware, good internet connection and power back available.
  • This Talk will be broadcasted live on YouTube channel. If you prefer to talk privately for your EdTech related problems. You can take EdTech consultancy from Dr. Yogendra Pal.
  • A maximum of 20 teachers can apply for one slot. ETmantra’s team will review the applications and select/reject the application. You will receive a notification for selection. ETmantra’s team will contact all teachers who are selected for a particular time and give them necessary training and help them in setting correct environment for the talk.

Note: We are starting this EdTech as an experiment. We can discontinue it if it is not beneficial for teachers.

  • Please write your full name. It will be printed on YouTube live.
  • Please select your gender
  • If you are managing an online profile that will help us to know more about you. Please share it here.
  • Please write your questions that you want to ask during the session. Your application will be considered only if your questions are relevant to EdTech.

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