Certification Course on 3D Modeling using Maya (for Teachers)

3D Modelling is required before you animate 3D Objects. Modelling is the first step to create 3D animation. After completing this course, you will be able to develop 3D models for your subjects and after that you can learn 3D Animation to animate these models. No degree or experience required.

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3D Models created using Maya Software

These models are created using MAYA software. These models are not educational but you will be able to create educational Models using MAYA.

This course will be completed in 20 Live Sessions

Basics of 3D, Pipeline, and Maya Software

Learning objectives of day 1

  • Explain the difference between 2D and 3D
  • Explain the process of creating 3D animation
  • Differentiate between 4 types of projection.
  • Explain the features of Maya software
  • Install Trial Maya Software for practice

Creating Basic 3D Objects

Learning objectives of day 2

  • Create 3D Sphere, Cube, Cylinder and other 3D objects. 
  • Select desired view i.e. Top, Side, Front or perspective
  • Transform 3D objects

Type of modeling

Learning objectives of day 3

  • Explain the requirement of modeling 
  • Differentiate between two styles of modeling and their requirement.
  • Select appropriate modeling type to model your objects
4 & 5


Learning objectives of Day 4 & 5

    • Apply operations like Boolean, Combine, Separate, fill hole, triangulate and quadrangulate.
6 & 7

Edit Mesh

Learning objectives of day 6 & 7

  • Add division, bevel, bridge, Circularize, connect, detach, extrude, merge mesh.
8 & 9

Mesh Tool

Learning objectives of day 8 & 9

  • Use Insert Edgeloop, Target wield, Multicut, Offset Edgeloop, Slide Edge, Make Hole tools to achive desired model.


Learning objectives of day 10

  • Your problems will be handled practically

Nurb Modelling - Curves Modelling

Learning objectives of day 11

  • Identify when to use nurb modelling
  • Explain the use of nurb modelling
  • Use nurb modeling to create complex 3D object
12, 13 & 14

Creating Objects

Learning objectives of day 12, 13 & 14

  • Create Pillar / Funnel using Nurbs modelling technique
  • Create Wire / Rope using Nurbs modelling technique
  • Create Bottle / Cup / Beaker using Nurbs modelling
15 & 16


Learning objectives of day 15 & 16

  • Assign new material on objects
  • Explain the types of material available to apply on 3D models.
  • Use materials & attributes on 3D models
17 & 18


Learning objectives of day 17 & 18

  • Explain the types of unwrap available in Maya software
  • Unwrap an object to apply material, texture and for other advanced operation.
19 & 20


Learning objectives of day 19 & 20

  • Assign texture on an object / 3D model
  • Explain the types of maps available in Maya Software
Frequently Asked Questions

This course will be offered in private zoom / meet live sessions. People who have paid for it will be able to join the meeting. Every session will be of 1 hour and recording of the session will be made available to those who joined the session. During the session you can ask your questions directly to the trainer. After the session also you can ask your questions in a telegram group.

This course costs 1500/- INR if you join in a batch of 10 people and it costs 6000/- INR if you want to do it alone.

Sorry, we don't offer any refund. If you are unable to join the program for any reason we will provide you recordings of the lecture to complete the course.

This certificate is currently available in English only we are in conversation with teachers who can teach in Hindi also but it may take time.

Basic computer knowledge is required. No prior animation knowledge required. You must have a laptop / desktop with trial / full account of Maya Animation Software to learn from this course.

3D Animation helps in making invisible things visible. There are scenarios in all subjects where it difficult to explain the concept because students can't see or feel it. 3D animation helps here. After this course, you will be able to model objects. 

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Availability: 20 in stock

Ms. Kajol Gupta (Trainer)

Ms. Kajol Gupta (Trainer)

Kajol Gupta is a 3D modelling and texturing artist. She is also known for rigging and Animation. She completed diploma in 3D Animation from MAAC institute. She is pursuing B.Voc. Digital Art and Animation from ferguson college, Pune.

Prof. Sandhya Tamgadge (Mentor)

Prof. Sandhya Tamgadge (Mentor)

Dr. Sandhya Tamgadge is a Professor in Dept. Of Oral Pathology in D.Y.Patil University, School Of Dentistry, Nerul Navi Mumbai. Learning 3D animation is a tedious job and making 3D animation is a time taking process. Teacher's often try to outsource animation related work but Dr. Sandhya Tamgadge not only learned animation but also applied it to create small small 3D animation to help students learn the difficult concepts from her subject.

Course Features
Shareable Certificate

Earn a e-Certificate upon completing the course.

100% Live Sessions

You can ask your questions during live session. No delay in answers.

Fixed Schedule

Date and Time is fix for all live sessions before you join the course. So, no dilemma on timing.

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required

20 days to complete

Suggested pace of 2 hours/day, 1 hour during class and 1 hour after class.


Language of instructions and quizzes is English.

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